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Aromatherapy Massage

Aromatherapy is an ancient form of natural healing using the highly concentrated essences of aromatic plants - essential oils. When you inhale essential oil molecules, messages are transmitted to the brain and affect heart rate, stress level, blood pressure, breathing, memory, digestion, and the immune system.

Aromatherapy massage uses an individual blend of pure essential oils in a quality carrier oil suitable for your skin type.  Following your consultation the essential oils are blended based on your current physical and emotional needs. 

Aromatherapy massage works on the nervous system, circulatory system, immune system and lymphatic system – thereby relieving tension, increasing energy, diminishing stress, improving circulation, promoting balance, and improving lymphatic drainage.

During the first treatment your medical history will be noted, to ensure the best treatment can be planned for you.  Any medications you are currently using will also need to be advised.  Allow a little extra time at your first appointment for this.  There is no extra charge for this time.

By appointment only.